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5 tips for Getting Dressed as a Stay at Home Mom - Sisterhood Style

5 tips for Getting Dressed as a Stay at Home Mom

Hey there! Carrie here. I have been a Stay at Home Mom for over 9 years. I was the first of my friends to have a baby and everyone I knew was working during the day. So it was just me and my guy, all day everyday. We stayed in some form of pajamas all day long. No offense to first time moms, but I was a first time mom and generally too scared to bring him anywhere by myself. What if he wouldn't stop crying at Target and I would have to nurse him right then and there? No thanks, we'll just stay home. I loved being home with my guy, but it was starting to get depressing not leaving the house and not seeing another adult until my husband got home.

We moved when my guy was 14 months old. I vowed to get out of the house and take him places. We started with the local library for story time. He had a great time and I actually got to chat with other women just like me! It seriously filled my cup and suddenly going places with him didn't seem so scary.

Ya know what also helped? Getting dressed for the day. Whether we went anywhere or not, we got dressed. Dressing a toddler is a bit like wrestling an alligator, so it was a big accomplishment! Getting dressed and having a toddler dressed became a big mood booster-if we can do that, we are ready for anything! 

If you are ready to start "getting dressed" are some tips for fashionable (and easy) clothing as a SAHM:

-Rule of 3: a top and bottom mean you're clothed, but add a third item and you're dressed! Example: T-shirt, leggings and a denim jacket or tank, jeans, cardigan, t-shirt dress, jacket tied around the waist and a necklace. 3 is interesting!

-Comfort is key! You can't chase a toddler or carry an extra 20 lbs of baby in heels. Flats are your friend, my friend. 

-Athleisure is trendy right now and Girl, a pair of leggings that hold you in but stretch with you is what you need RIGHT NOW. T-shirt, tank and a stylish cardigan like our Out the Door Cardigan creates an easy, fashionable athleisure look. 

-Neutral means versatile! Neutral colored pieces mix and match easily, making it easier to get dressed. This also means if your sweet babe spits up or spills on you, you can easily switch out a top or bottom. 

-Dress for you! Wear what YOU like to wear. If you have a favorite tee or favorite pair of jeans, wear them! Clothing can make a big difference in mood and when you wear something that makes you feel good, it can make a world of difference in your day. And if you're home, you can wear that sucker everyday until laundry day!

Sisterhood Style was created by two Stay at Home Moms. We sell clothes we love and work for this SAHM life! 

Here is my (now 4 kids) crew and me trying to make the most of this quarantine thing:

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